Articles of Incorporation

John’s Place Recovery Centers




Know All By These Presents:


The undersigned, for the purposes any legal business practice including but not limited to all facets of recovery, intensive outpatient programs, drug rehabilitation services from sober living, IOP, inpatient recovery, addiction, trauma and grief recovery. Support groups, individual and group counseling, AA and other support meetings. We serve to help those who are suffering from addiction and trauma of all kinds. We are in the business of saving lives.




Mission of Corporation


Cutting edge, successful recovery centers that support healthy, happy and productive lives for all who attend our programs and services. We have a reputation for treating the whole person creating success and transformation in the lives of the clients of John’s Place Recovery Centers. We believe people can change and people can overcome addiction and trauma of all kinds and live happy and fulfilling lives and become positive and productive citizens.




Article I




John’s Place Recovery Centers



Article II




The principle office and location of this limited liability corporation is 143 East 4800 South, Murray, Utah, 84107.




Article III


Duration of Corporation


John’s Place Recovery Centers shall continue in perpetual succession unless and until dissolved in the manner set forth in Article VI of these Articles of Incorporation.


Article IV





To assist clients to overcome addiction, trauma and grief and live happy, healthy, fulfilling lives as productive members of society.


To provide the highest quality care, cutting edge treatment, and evidence based models of recovery in order to assist clients in recovery, allowing the opportunity for our clients to live high quality lives enjoying happiness, success and fulfillment as productive members of society.


To purchase, produce, and sell products and services which in the opinion of the board of governors and members would be in the furtherance of this corporation.


To engage in partnership, commerce, business, reciprocity, sponsorship, donation, and barter with individuals and organizations.


To receive, manage, take and hold real, personal, and/or mixed property by sale, barter, gift, grant, devise, or bequest and to sell or dispose of same to benefit this corporation.


To purchase or sell, hypothecate, mortgage, and lease intellectual, personal, real or otherwise property as may be necessary for the purposes of the corporation and to execute deeds, contracts, agreements, and obligations the purposes whereof are consonant with state and federal laws and to accept and execute any trusts the purpose whereof is lawful under said laws and constituent with the purposes of this corporation, and to do each and everything necessary, suitable, or proper for the accomplishment of the purposes herein enumerated or which may at any time appear conducive or expedient for the benefit of this corporation.




Article V





This limited liability corporation is owned by Grace Unlimited LLC




Article VI




Should this corporation dissolve, all forms of properties, ownership, assets, trademarks, domains, patents, copyrights, monies, stocks, bonds, and funds remaining after payment of debts of this corporation shall be legally transferred to Bonnie Elizabeth Grace Gordon. If Bonnie Elizabeth Grace Gordon is not living then all properties, assets, and ownerships shall be transferred in equal distribution to  Asia Joy Soto, James Carlos Morales, and Elise Mavis Soto.